Part 1: Work

Ted with a new rice huller in Di Linh. Photo courtesy of Gary Studebaker. 

Audio recordings from Ted Studebaker in Vietnam. Audio courtesy of Gary Studebaker. Copies of Ted Studebaker in Vietnam may be purchased from Brethren Press.


Howard Royer: What are some of the projects that you’re endeavoring to sponsor here as it relates to the Montagnard people?
Ted Studebaker: In Di Linh we have, I guess what you’d call, kind of a well-rounded-out program. We have a community-development worker who works in community-development programs, in education, in making loans to various villagers to buy things such as hogs or start little shops or stores. Also, we’re encouraging the starting of a new cooperative for Montagnards to cooperatively buy and sell things. In the area of health, we have a nurse working here who holds clinics in the villages and is very active in medical facilities and helping out with the medical problems and needs of these people. [A helicopter passes overhead.] And I’m here working in agriculture. In agriculture we have various programs of testing various rice varieties and working in gardening. We have rototillers that we rent to plow the paddy lands, a rice huller machine. We have some other programs to help Montagnards and encourage them to use fertilizer and so forth and helping them advance their agricultural knowledge here.