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Credit: Troy Daily News, Troy, OH. Used with permission. Note: The first line of the eighth paragraph is obscured; it should read, “But despite his strong opposition to the war, Ted Stude-”

Text courtesy of Rev. Phillip K. Bradley. 

Courtesy of Bill Herod.

Text courtesy of Mary Ann Cornell.

Text courtesy of Gary Studebaker.

Credit: News Services, Church of the Brethren. Text used with permission.

Credit: Messenger, Church of the Brethren. Used with permission.


Ted Studebaker: A Man Who Loved Peace

A story by Joy Hofacker Moore, with illustrations by Jim Guenthner.

Originally published in 1987 by Herald Press, this book is now back in print. Text and illustrations are appropriate for children yet sufficiently detailed for adults. A few copies are available for reading at the Dayton International Peace Museum; please ask a docent for assistance. You can also order the book online from booksellers such as

Life is Great, Yea! 

Courtesy of Don Parker, MD.

The stage play written by Don Parker depicts the last two months of Ted Studebaker’s life. A copy of the 2008 presentation is available for viewing; please consult a museum docent. A copy of the script is available for reading; find the script in the Peace Heroes Room bookcase. Permission to give a performance of this play may be obtained through the Northern Ohio District Office, Church of the Brethren

Ted Studebaker: A Lasting Force for Peace

An article by Doug and Gary Studebaker.

In 2012, Gary and Doug Studebaker traveled to Vietnam to honor their brother Ted. On their return, they wrote an article, which was published in the December 2012 issue of Messenger. The article describes their preparation for the trip as well as their travels in Vietnam. From beginning to end, the journey allowed the brothers to renew old friendships, make new friends, and experience Ted’s legacy of love and peace. A copy of the article is available for reading in the library at the Dayton International Peace Museum; please ask a docent for assistance. 

Ted Allen Studebaker — An Enduring Force for Peace

Gary and Doug Studebaker have written a book about their brother Ted and their 2012 trip to Vietnam. Published in 2017, the book can be purchased from online booksellers or from Wipf and Stock Publishers; inquiries on book orders can be made to

In anticipation of the opening of the Ted Studebaker Exhibit at the Dayton International Peace Museum on April 26, 2015, Nishan Gilmet of Visual Element Productions produced a promotional video of Ted's story. You can view the promo below.